Degust Interactive web-based visualization of RNA-Seq DGE results
Vennt Explore lists of differential expressed genes using dynamic Venn diagrams
Prokka Annotate your bacterial draft genome during a coffee break.
Barrnap Quickly find ribosomal RNA genes in your sequences.
FriPan Interactive visualisation of bacterial pan-genomes
Snippy Find SNPs/indels in a bacterial genome from NGS reads during your tea break.
Wombac Bacterial core genome SNPs for phylogenomic trees from NGS Reads and/or draft genomes.
Vague Graphical User Interface for the Velvet assembler
Nesoni Swiss army knife for NGS SNP calling / RNA-Seq DGE / read cleaning.
AAAAA Tail-tools 3'-seq analysis toolset.
Assemblet Antigenic variation assembler.
y=Xβ+ε fitnoise.R Perform moderated t-tests with fitted noise models.
VelvetOptimiser Automatically optimise Velvet assembler parameters.
AFree Fast ALL versus ALL proteome comparisons.
Plasmodium Autocount Count red blood cells infected with Plasmodium.
Gene Spaghetti Visualize nucleotide and amino acid usage in a genome.
EST-PAC A simple EST management tool and annotation pipeline.

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