Plasmodium Autocount and Cell Counting Aid

Plasmodium Autocount and Cell Counting Aid are free software released under the GPL version 2 license.

Plasmodium Autocount

Software to automatically identify red blood cells and red blood cells infected with Plasmodium in a set of images.

Plasmodium Autocount identifies cells using a circlular Hough transform, then looks for stained spots within cells as evidence of infection. Identified cells that are misshapen (debris on the slide) or have too much stain (white blood cells) are discarded.


8 September 2010

Requirements: Python 2, Python Imaging Library, numpy, scipy

Cell Counting Aid

Cell Counting Aid is software that allows users to keep records of cell counting. The information recorded includes the locations of cells and whether or not each cell is infected. Cell Counting Aid runs on the Microsoft Windows platform and was written in Visual Basic. After an image is opened with the software, the operator uses the mouse to point to each cell and clicks the left button if the cell is uninfected or the right button if it is infected. Parasitemia values (percentage of cells infected) are recalculated after each mouse click. The total number of cells and the total number of infected cells are recorded and can be exported to Excel for analysis. The file that contains the information is kept in the folder "Cell Counting" and the filename is "counting log".

To install, open the .zip file and run Setup.


21 December 2010

Requirements: Microsoft Windows

Sample Images

Sample images, with manual annotation of infected an uninfected cells (made with Cell Counting Aid).